MindMeld UI

Included in the mindmeld repository there is also a web application that visually demonstrates how the platform works. This is a React application that can be run along with any of the blueprints, or any mindmeld based app.

We recommend running this app with a recent version of Chrome to guarantee access to the ASR engine.

Quick Start

You can run this app by following the next steps while inside the mindmeld-ui folder of the mindmeld repository.

1. Install the dependencies

In order to run the app, you need to install it's dependencies. You can simply run:

npm install

You can also use yarn:

yarn install

2. Run the web app

To run the web app simply do:

npm start

You can also use yarn:

yarn start

3. Setup configurations (Optional)

At the mindmeld-ui directory, you can add a .env file that includes your configurations. This file should look like this:

REACT_APP_GOOGLE_KEY = <YOUR_GOOGLE_KEY> # Set this if you want to use Google Cloud's Speech API (as opposed to Chromes native ASR).
REACT_APP_MAX_ALTERNATIVES = <MAX_ALTERNATIVES> # Set this if you want to control how many responses you get from the ASR.
REACT_APP_MINDMELD_URL = <MINDMELD_URL> # Set this if you need to point the UI to point the UI to a URL different than the default ''